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Realize new approaches to your most complex problems.
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Innovation is the heartbeat of your forward progress.

Your business changes quickly—and we’re constantly developing products and services to help you meet those new challenges and stay ahead of trends. At FORVIS, innovation is critical to driving our forward vision. It’s embedded in our core values and a key component of our Unmatched Client Experience®

We listen to understand your problems, bring potential products and services, and consult with purpose to generate value and pave a new path forward for you and your clients. Looking forward is in our DNA. Our forward vision can help take you and your clients to the next level.

Our Approach to Innovation

EDGE: The Innovation Lab of FORVIS

FORVIS is a firm of the future, aimed at delivering fresh ideas. EDGE is our team dedicated to creating innovative products to help solve your business problems and support new or existing services. Our passion is putting your business on the path to innovation.

Be bold.
Push boundaries to execute a forward vision for you.
Challenge the status quo.
Question conventional wisdom to create relevant new products and services.
Unleash creative potential.
Embrace the spirit of innovation to unlock untapped potential and drive meaningful change.

EDGE Process

The EDGE team uses a proven but continually evolving process to take an idea from inception through implementation and delivery to market.

  1. Level 1
    Ideation & Research
  2. Level 2
  3. Level 3
  4. Level 4

Our Innovation Products

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CFR Benchmarking: IDD & Behavioral Health
This New York IDD & Behavioral Health Organization benchmarking platform provides insights from interactive analytics dashboards so you can compare operational metrics to your peers.
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Clari³ty® Solutions
This tool combines an interactive analytics platform with insightful analysis to identify challenges in your ability to drive change and help you make better data-driven decisions through evidence-based and validated diagnostics.
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Denials Management Monitoring
Our reporting and measurement tool uses real-time insights to provide root-cause identification of preventable insurance claim denials and monitoring of trends over time.
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Reduce the friction of preparing cost reports for Medicare with HFS+ Powered by FORVIS, an intuitive cost preparation service.
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Financial & Scenario Modeling for Higher Education
This multiyear planning tool, powered by Synario, can help higher education institutions easily manage, configure, and visualize numerous financial and strategic scenarios.
Our three-part lease accounting tool assists in the adoption of and accounting for FASB 842 and GASB 87 lease standards by helping reduce key pain points that you face during implementation.
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Program Economic Analysis
This higher education data analysis tool helps you visualize your data and gain insight into which programs are making money and which aren’t, which can result in significant savings.
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The Reporting Solution
This web-based application can help local governments streamline the preparation of annual reports through an efficient and simplified process.
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Pulse for CHCs
This interactive dashboard with tools helps community healthcare organizations understand and evaluate various financial and operational factors like pay, productivity, financial strength, and more.
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Taxable Income Automation
This tool allows you to automate your taxable income through a centralized cloud-based platform with controls that allow for on-demand processing, reporting, and much more.
TaxCred PRO
Our cloud-based platform allows you to work with FORVIS service teams collaboratively, preparing tax credit applications and financial reports more quickly than traditional methods.
Workforce Productivity Management
This interactive dashboard with tools can aid in developing strong workforce management and provide healthcare firms with a clearer understanding of escalating costs.
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“EDGE brings a breadth of entrepreneurialism to our firm. As we focus on the future and plan to position ourselves in a rapidly evolving industry, EDGE has helped our team and clients cultivate and organize bold new ideas that will change the industry. We can either wait and hope innovation happens or be intentional and have the talented EDGE team help navigate the unknown.”
– Chris Reavis, Vice President, Insurance Industry, Charlotte, North Carolina
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Innovation Leader

Meet FORVIS' EDGE leader
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